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Let's capture the essence of your event with meaningful visuals!

Let's capture the essence of your event with meaningful visuals!

Let's capture the essence of your event with meaningful visuals!Let's capture the essence of your event with meaningful visuals!Let's capture the essence of your event with meaningful visuals!



"Stephanie is able to distill complex messages and key insights into an engaging, beautifully delivered illustrative way that captures the audience’s attention and brings value to the situations we use her services at our conferences and events. She is careful and meticulous in her execution of graphical and visual deliverables and we love having her on our teams due to her calm nature and ability to work under pressure. I would recommend her services highly as she will bring a smile to every job we have her on." 

Kazumi Koyama
Managing Designer 

1166 Avenue of the Americas | New York, New York 10036
Mobile: +1 917 434 2023 

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Stephanie Corne over the past several years on highly collaborative work teams in the delivery of Design Thinking workshops for large corporate clients.  

Stephanie brings her unique talents to the table each time.  Her creative perspective and artistic eye help create the conditions that allow people to connect to their work in a unique and meaningful way.   Through keen listening skills and live graphic facilitation, Stephanie captures and communicates ideas by translating them into imagery that is easily accessible by everyone.  Both learning and problem-solving are accelerated through the application of Stephanie’s artistry. 

As the owner of my own Design Thinking consulting firm, it is important to me to bring the very best skillsets to my client interactions, and I include Stephanie’s talents among those.  I bring her onto my workshop teams whenever the opportunity arises and highly recommend her work. 

I am happy to expound further on my experiences in working with Stephanie should you have interest in additional discussion." 

Best Regards, 

Michelle Bidwell 

Owner & Lead Consultant 

126bits Consulting 


"Stephanie Corne's technical skills, talent and non-technical skills (sensitivity, artistry, mannerism) enable her not only to grasp and understand complex issues and discussions, but also show that there are other ways to be 'heard'. Her presence is all but invisible but her powerful graphic facilitation forces and invites the group to reflect on how one has been heard and the essence of what one has said. Her work enables the group to come together around a common vision. In addition to being skillful, she does all this without ever needing to ask for clarification - simply by representing graphically from a neutral perspective and so enticing self-reflection. 

I have frequently worked with Stephanie and would, without a doubt, highly recommend her.  As a matter of fact, I trust Stephanie and I will work together again and would be all too happy to repeat such a fruitful collaboration. "

Best regards, 

Yvan Stoclet, Lead Facilitator 


"Je connais et  travaille avec Stéphanie Corne depuis une dizaine d’année. Avec l’ASE CapGemini, Wild is the Game ou d’autres réseaux de facilitation. En France et aux USA. 

J’aprécie sa créativité, sa disponibilité et son professionnalisme aussi bien en amont des sessions de travail que pendant les événements. 

Elle est particulièrement à l’écoute des besoins des clients et sait représenter graphiquement les grandes idées, concepts et problématiques que nous rencontrons. Aussi bien en « livescribing » ou sur un knowledge wall"  

Par ailleurs, elle s’intègre parfaitement aux petites équipes que nous formons et sait prêter main forte à ses collègues. 

Elle travaille aussi bien en français qu’en anglais et dès qu’une opportunité se présente aux USA, je ne manque jamais de la contacter." 

Laurent Jacobi 

Lead facilitator. Wild is the game, Inc.